Additional Information
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Additional Information

Please show your St. Anton Summer Card without being asked, for all activities, services and partner programmes. Your card is only valid with a photo-ID. In case you lose the card, please request a new one from your host or at one of the tourist offices. Please take note: the General Terms of Business for the St. Anton Summer Card apply.

For additional information, your host and the tourist offices are available for assistence. Please note that the opening times of our partner operations are not necessarily the same as the validity dates of the Summer Card

Booking activities

For the activities listed in the weekly programme a reservations is required (for organisational purposes).

You can register either at your host, at the tourist offices or here online. Simply use the number on your own Summer Card to log in, select the desired activity and click for your reservation.

The reservation deadline for all activities in the weekly programme is the day before the activity at 6:00 pm (e-bike 5:00 pm). In case you then cannot take part in the selected activity, for whatever reason, please cancel your reservation by reservation deadline time. We call your attention to the fact that only a limited number of guides are available, who in turn can supervise only a limited number of participants. Please take note of maximum number of participants.

Subject to modifications.